Editorial Services

Tate N. Oquendo is interested in helping writers at any stage of their career achieve their goals. To help facilitate this, they offer various editorial services, including developmental and line editing, for poems, essays, stories, and hybrid works. They will also happily work on full manuscripts or chapbook projects, including those that contain visual components.

Rates are as follows, with half of the price due up front and the balance due upon completion of the service. Please note that industry standard pages contain about 250 words.

Basic copyediting
5–10 pgs/hr$40/hr
Heavy copyediting2–5 pgs/hr$50/hr
Website copyediting$50/hr
Developmental editing1–5 pgs/hr$55/hr
Substantive or line editing1–6 pgs/hr$60/hr

Included with any developmental or substantive editing service is a thorough end comment focusing on targeted opportunities for improvement within the work as a whole. This feedback, along with the next steps for publishing the work or searching for a literary agent, can be discussed in an optional in-person or virtual consultation for an additional fee.

Tate can also serve as a sensitivity reader for various types of works dealing with LGBTQIA+ and disability issues. Please inquire using the contact page.